TB 1.1

Welcome to TB1.1 !

My name is Amy Ham and I am the Classroom Teacher of 22 motivated students.

Our learning environment is a safe and friendly place to be. I provide students with concrete and hands on experiences that captured the students interests to keep them engaged when teaching new skills and concepts .Every  day I facilitate each individual child’s learning needs by using a range of student learning contexts which include whole group instruction, small group activities, one on one interaction with myself and the student, partner work, explicit teaching of skills and open ended tasks. In our classroom we have a strong focus on Literacy and this term we are focusing on recount writing, Letters and sounds, and connecting text to self. We also have a strong focus on Numeracy where this term we will be learning about number facts, 2D shapes and chance and data language. My students also participate in other core subjects, this includes Music, Science, Art, Technology, Health and History which contribute to developing the students skills and abilities.

I look forward getting to know all my students and to watch them progress throughout the year.

Mrs Amy Ham