Science at Lakelands Primary School promotes a passion for learning and develops scientific creative and critical thinking skills.  Each term students develop their understanding and skills through explicit teaching, practical experiments, researching and digital technologies. Four strands of Science are taught each year; Biological, Chemical, Physical and Earth and Space Sciences.

Specialist teachers facilitate and assess understanding and skills using the Western Australian Curriculum and S.C.A.S.A. Judging Standards.

Science at Lakelands Primary School has many facets that engage student learning and encourage environmental sustainability.

  • Frog ID Program – Pond: Thank you to Bunnings and Australian Museum for providing the materials, research resources and labour to build a frog pond. Classes can access the area with teacher supervision and photograph and identify any native frogs living there.
  • Science Incursions: Usually presented in Term Two.
  • STEAM: Students participate in two whole school STEAM Challenges, last year we built Scarecrows and plastic bottles constructions.
  • Festival of the Stars – Learning Journey – Hands on look at Science in the Science Room.
  • Wastewise and the Go Green Team: The outdoor classroom has been built and the Science area and worms have been moved from the Kindy/Pre-Primary garden area to the Nature Garden. The Go Green Team are involved in our worm program and recycling.
  • Environmental Sustainability and Recycling: The school continued to promote recycling practises. Batteries, ring pulls, paper, ink cartridges, plastic drink bottles and bread tags are promoted and collected at LPS.

Future Direction

Specific target areas:

Develop an understanding of the Science Strands and extend skills in conducting investigations.

  • Years 3 -6: Writing a clear investigable question, determining the controlled and dependent variables, measuring and graphing the results and writing an evaluation/conclusion.
  • Year 1 and 2 will be drawing and labelling, making predictions and comparisons.
  • Kindy and Pre-Primary begin their journey of scientific discovery and recording their observations.