Absences from school

A student may be kept at home by parents if he/she is ill or have serious family issues.

Parents can advise each day their child is absent from school by:

  • Calling the school on 9586 7650
  • Emailing their child’s name, class and absence reason to
  • Provide a written note on his/her return to school explaining the absence.


Family holidays are encourage to be taken during the school holidays and not during school terms. When you child is absent from school on family vacation this is recorded an unacceptable reason. Parents must write a letter addressed to the Principal and hand this letter to the office. The Principal will read the letter and decide on whether to grant approval.

Late arrival and early departure from school

The starting time is 8:40am and when a student arrives after the bell they must collect a late pass from the school office. If your child needs to be collected from school early, a ‘Sign Out’ note must be completed at the school office when you arrive and handed to the teacher when you collect your child.