Music – Mrs Eryl Lewis

Music was introduced to Lakelands Primary School in 2017.

The Music Room is situated in room 4.3, which is a purpose built, acoustically designed room.  All students from PP to Year 6 receive an hour long Music lesson each week.

Music lessons are planned according to the WA Australian Curriculum and offer the students the opportunity to sing, develop their understanding of musical elements, listen to and discuss to a variety of music such as jazz, classical, pop and rock and compose their own musical compositions.  Students from Year 1 also learn to play Ukulele and play in small and whole class ensembles.  Ukuleles are provided for students to play in their lessons, but many students choose to purchase their own so that they can practice at home.  Students are more than welcome to buy their own instrument and leave their instrument in the music room on the day of their music lesson, but it is not a requirement. Should you wish to purchase a Ukulele, please do not buy an instrument with plastic tuning pegs as these are toy versions and are very difficult to tune. The Ukulele brand we use at school is Mahalo and is an affordable entry level instrument available at all music shops.

“Search for a Lakelands Star” was introduced in Term 2 of 2017.  This program encourages all students to use our stage area in the music room to have a go at performing on the stage.  Students are given the opportunity to perform on a stage in the safe, supported environment of their own classroom.  This proved to be a huge success amongst the students last year and many went on to perform their items at our specialist showcase “Night of the Stars”, an afterschool community event, in Term 4.

Exploring composition is also a focus in all music classes at Lakelands with tuned and un-tuned percussion being used extensively in the Lower Primary classes and Bucket Beats, Stomp Band sounds and Garage Band in the Upper Primary classes.  Students are encouraged to improvise and experiment with sounds and are taught how to record their compositions using basic notation.