Travelling To and From School


Parking is an issue at most schools and it is a challenge for schools to look at various options to help students get to and from school. Schools are built with a limited amount of parking bays to cater for school staff and for parent pick-up and drop-off. We have approximately 160 onsite bays for our parent and staff, including four ACROD bays for permit holders.

Click for parking locations – Lakelands Primary School Community Map

School start time

Classrooms are open from 8:30am, which allows students 10 minutes to get set up before school starts at 8:40am. Students must not arrive before 8:30am as there is no supervision. We encourage parents/caregivers to consider the three options below getting to and from school.

Getting to and from school

1. Active Transport

‘Active transport’ includes walking, scooting or cycling to school. This is a great opportunity for students to get their 10 minutes of exercise in the morning and in the afternoon.

2. Kiss and Ride

Lakelands Primary School has a ‘Kiss and Ride’ zone, where parent/caregivers in the morning can drive in and drop students (Year 1-6) off. Then students walk to class. At the end of the day students wait by the ‘Kiss and Ride’ zone to be collected as their parent/caregiver drive through.


  • Do not leave your vehicle – To assist with traffic flow, drivers should remain in the car whilst children get in and out. Children should travel with bags in the car (not in the boot).
  • Be timely – If your child does not get in or out of the vehicle within 2 minutes, you must leave and re-enter the Kiss and Zone zone.
  • Stay in sequence – Don’t cut in the queue. Drop off or pick up your child close to the top of the zone, allowing vehicles following you to enter the zone in an orderly manner.
  • Child safety – Please ensure children get in or out of the vehicle on the kerb side. The back seat is the safest seat for children to travel in, regardless of the make of vehicle. Ensure children have their restraints securely fastened before driving off.
  • No U-turns – Do not do u-turns in busy school zones. They are dangerous and put children at risk. Please drive around the block.
3. Carpool

We encourage parents to carpool. Carpooling involves multiple parents take it in turns to collect the children and transport them between home and school.