Medical Conditions

If your child has a diagnosed medical condition, please inform the school office staff, who will provide you with the appropriate paperwork to complete. This information is use to create a medical plan. If there is a change in your child’s medical condition, please inform the school.


We have a range of students with varying allergies. We endeavour to educate our students to be aware and understand that some students may have allergies. Lakelands PS is an “Allergy Aware” school, nuts are a major source of allergies among children and as such we ask parents to leave all products containing nuts at home.


Your child needs to be able to go to the toilet independently.

This means your child is able to:

  • realise when they need to go to the toilet
  • remove their pants and pull their pants up
  • wipe their bottom and flush the toilet
  • wash their hands after using the toilet.

Accidents do happen and the classroom staff are there to help, however your child needs to be developing these skills independently. We ask you to develop these independent toileting skills so your child is ready for school.

Head Lice

Head lice is a health issue your child may encounter. We encourage you to check your child’s hair regularly and let the school know as soon as possible if you find lice or eggs. It is important to note head lice have a 10 day life cycle, therefore it is important to constantly check your child’s hair as eggs may hatch days later.