School Hours

Classroom Doors Open

PP to Year 6   – 8:30am
Kindergarten – 8:40am

School Day 8:40am – 2:50pm

Beginning of school day

The classroom doors open at 8:30am for years PP to Year 6 and 8:40am for Kindergarten students.  We strongly encourage students not to arrive at school before this time.  Please ensure your child arrives promptly at the beginning of the day to participate in the classroom morning routine. It is important that the students begin to become independent and responsible for their organisation in the morning and we ask for parents/caregivers not to help. This can be difficult however it is an important step to help them gain their confidence, independence and build responsibility. The school bells rings at 8:40am and students need to begin their morning program.

Please Note: The school play equipment is unsupervised by staff before and after school hours. Staff are not available to supervise play areas before school, so we ask that students refrain from playing on the equipment for their own safety.

End of school day

Please collect children promptly at 2:50pm. No child will be permitted to leave the school with a person other than his/her parent or legal guardian unless written permission is given to the school office and class teacher. Kindergarten children are not to be collected by an older sibling unless permission is given in writing.