Lakelands’ Visual Arts program gives our children the chance to practise communicating thoughts and ideas in a variety of fun-filled ways. It promotes confidence and self-esteem and encourages children to have an open mind and consider other points of view. Our program nurtures creativity, problem solving, inventiveness, perseverance, dedication and collaboration and is an essential part of Lakelands’ philosophy of developing the whole child.

Children in PP to Year 6 have a one hour art lesson every week. These lessons cover a wide range of mediums such as, textiles, drawing, painting and ceramics. They include the study of both local and overseas artists, along with the elements and principles of art, in accordance with the WA Curriculum.

Our young artists take part in many exciting projects as part of the Visual Arts program, including the Stretch Art Festival, collaborative art murals, community art projects and visiting artists.  Artwork is always on display throughout the school and the work of our young artists is regularly celebrated.

Our Visual Arts teachers are highly skilled and are practicing artists in their own right. They love sharing their skills and passion for Visual Arts with the children they teach and aim to inspire each of their young artists to fulfil their potential.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso