Voluntary Contributions

This Term your child’s Voluntary Contributions will be discounted to $54 for the year which equates to $1.35 per week for the whole year.  That’s a bargain price for your child’s world class education at Lakelands PS compared to $125.00 per week across the road.  From Term 2-4 the Voluntary Contribution goes back to its normal price of $60.00.  The voluntary contributions provide your child’s school with valuable funds to improve the quality of your child’s education.  If you would like to pay your child’s voluntary contribution of $54.00 this term you can do that through the following account details.  BSB 016 745   ACC# 190756561.  Thank you to the 100 families that paid their Voluntary Contributions through the Campion stationery lists at the beginning of the year.   You can still pay your Voluntary Contributions via the front office or through the school’s bank account BSB 016 745 Acc # 190756561

Thank you


Bradden Mitchell

6 March 2024