TB 1.6

Welcome to the amazing team of TB1.6

Our team consists of: Miss Emma Barr, Mrs Julie Cook, Mrs Miranda Health and myself. We are fortunate to have two specialist teachers as part of our team: Mrs Linda Starbuck and Mrs Lyn Berglund.

Our goal for TB1.6 is to promote a safe and secure environment that helps students grow in confidence to become independent learners. Installing students to take ownership over the decisions they make daily, is what drives our students to become self-motivated within their learning.

Our teaching approach, aims to create a balance between explicit teaching moments and leaning through purposeful play based activities. We use a variety of hands on resources that connect children’s individual learning styles by planning educational experiences though Howard Gardner’s, Multi-intelligences.

By the end of the Pre-Primary year, our objective is for students to develop an understanding of our school’s values and are aware of the importance of being sensitive to the feelings of others.

All of which connects to our Lakelands PS vision, to provide a holistic approach to students’ educational growth that caters for the ‘whole child’.

Parents are always welcome to join us in class!

Christine Dingli