COVID-19 Community Update

Today’s absentee rate of 51.53% is confirming that this is NOT business as usual. This figure is evidence that many families in our community are making the decision to keep their children at home.

At this point in time the school will remain open, for those students who are well, unless closed by the authorities and parents who wish to send their children to school should do so without hesitation. I respect the rights of every parent to do what is …best for their children. Our classroom teachers are working on online learning access and this will be provided to our families at a time when we are unable to deliver face to face teaching.

Logistically at school we are working on:
Providing increased access to hand sanitizer and explicitly teaching correct hand washing methods.
Reminding students about the importance of social distancing.
Cancelling all non-essential gatherings / meetings until further notice.
Continue to prepare for the educational continuity of your child’s education should we cease face to face teaching.

Clearly, the current situation is unheralded. Communication and goodwill will be priceless, as will commonsense and calm. So far these are the only things that I have experienced from parents and staff and I hope that continues.

Kind Regards
Bradden Mitchell