School Values

Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Cooperation, Leadership

Lakelands Primary School has identified five core values as being vital in the nurturing and development of our students’ emotional and academic development. Through our school culture, we provide opportunities for Inspiring Growth of our students, staff and community.

Students are supported to constantly grow to achieve their potential, by working towards and understanding our school values which are embedded in our school culture and promoted through our common values language. The school values system is a cyclic process, which encourages students to constantly achieve their potential.

All students from Pre Primary to Year 6 attend a weekly Values assembly in their teaching block that acknowledges and celebrates attributes in relation to a value. Students are offered guidance and acknowledgement of displaying values traits in the classroom and rewarded through a raffle ticket system in the playground.

Values Bands: It is every students aim to receive a Values band. There are 4 values bands which can be earned throughout a child’s journey through primary school.

Yr1-3: work towards Bronze

Yr3-5: work toward Silver

Yr5-6: work towards Gold

Yr6: work towards Lakelands Legend (Purple)

For a child to receive a coloured values band, they need to have learnt one certificate for each of the values. A child needs to demonstrate a particular value 5 or more times to receive a certificate. Children may receive their certificates in any order. As this process is developmental, some children may take a year or 2 to earn their bands.

Once a child receives a values band, they will then work towards the next coloured band.

Our main purpose and aim for the program is to develop well rounded and responsible students and citizens of the future.

If you have any questions regarding our whole school values program, please contact our Values team leader.