Principals Message


Hi Everyone,

It is a great honour and privilege to be Principal of such a dynamic school. Since opening in 2014, Lakelands Primary School is already highly respected in the community and beyond due to the strong staff team and parent support. I say this not only as a school leader, but as a local parent with children at the school who have thrived and been inspired in their learning here. So, I certainly have invested interest in continuing the success of the school as it continues to grow.


Our core focus is to develop the “Whole Child”, enhancing children’s academic talents, as well as their social, emotional and physical selves and ensuring we encourage environmentally responsible citizens. We will work hand in hand with our staff and parents to create an engaging learning environment where our students feel safe, yet are challenged and supported to succeed. This, coupled with an unrelenting focus on teacher capacity and quality instruction, provides a solid foundation on which to create Lakelands Primary School as a progressive learning organisation.

Our core ‘Lakelands Legends’ values are leadership, courage, responsibility, respect and co-operation which children aspire to and model the attitudes to achieve success.

Lakelands is strong in our commitment to inclusivity, embracing and acknowledging difference. We will ensure a dedicated focus on accommodating the learning requirements of all students and provide an accessible curriculum supporting student aspirations. Students are

I encourage you to browse through our website to discover the excellent educational opportunities your child will enjoy at Lakelands Primary School. You are welcome to contact our school or myself for further information.

I look forward to meeting you all as the year progresses. Stay tuned to the school newsletters, website and MSGU updates for all the latest happenings and make sure you be part of your great school.

Yours faithfully,

James Peletier