Our school Chaplain, Bill Rankinis employed by Youthcare and is funded under the Department of Education School Chaplaincy Program. This program is non-discriminatory and is based on providing support. Bill attends Lakelands Primary School on a Tuesday each week and is located in TB1.10.

Alex provides a non-religious based support service for staff, students and families to help with issues such as conflict, hardship, stress, grief and loss. The Chaplain provides pastoral care for students and their families and can also offer mentoring and guidance when required.

The purpose of the Chaplaincy service is to;

  • Provide pastoral care and support for staff, students and families
  • Facilitate pastoral support programmes and resources such as – the RAINBOWS small group 12 week program dealing with ‘grief and loss’ issues. RAINBOWS provides children with an opportunity to express their feelings in a safe and confidential setting. Grief is a normal human reaction to a significant loss. Frequently children do not express their grief verbally, so it often surfaces in their behaviours, schoolwork, as a physical ailment or it affects their emotional development
  • Linking schools with the local community, support agencies and organisations
  • To conduct One on One formal and informal conversations with staff, students and parents or other support people where an opportunity is provided to talk about the issues that matter to you

If you would like any further information please contact Janine Muir, Deputy Principal or Bill Rankin on 9584 2601.

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