TB 2.4

Welcome to TB2.4 where we are all superstars!

My name is Mr Cameron Hendy, I am the classroom teacher of TB2.4 and I have 23 amazing students in my class. I also have three brilliant EAs assisting me throughout our weekly teaching and learning schedule. They are Trudie Trew, Jodee Jennings and Merise Smith.

Our classroom is a colourful and vibrant learning environment. Learning in TB2.4 is designed to be both challenging and engaging. An even mixture of visual, perceptual and kinaesthetic opportunities await my students every day!

My approach to teaching is directed at delivering a strong focus in Literacy and Numeracy. Literacy and Numeracy blocks form the bulk of our weekly class timetable (attached).  Whilst Literacy and Numeracy is the key focus at Lakelands, students also participate in other core subjects. Science, Art, Music, Technology, Health, History and Geography are all explicitly taught at Lakelands and are important to the development and wellbeing of each student.

This term we are looking at information reports and extending upon our multiplication facts, data collection and measurement concepts.

I look forward to watching my students grow further throughout the year.

Cameron Hendy

Daily Timetable – Mr Cameron Hendy