TB 2.1

Kwarn Maciejewski

Welcome to TB 2.1!

We are a split 2/3 class with eleven year 2 and ten year 3 students. We are lucky enough to have two Educational Assistants supporting several students in our classroom. Miss McCarthy 8 days per fortnight and Ms. Smith 2 days per fortnight.

Our class enjoys a host of subjects: English, Mathematics, HASS, Computing, Health and STEM. We also attend Art, Music, Science and Sports as specialist subjects. Our year 3’s attend LOTE via correspondence weekly whilst our year 2’s focus on mathematical problem solving. To engage and inspire all students we consider the various learning styles, interests, abilities and learning needs of each individual student.

In conjunction with academic learning we also have a large focus on emotional intelligence, catering to the whole child. I strongly believe that through providing all students with an inclusive, safe, and positive yet challenging learning environment this encourages students to take risks in their individual learning journeys, maximise their potential and achieve success. To encourage and promote positive behaviour we have individual, small group and whole class positive reward systems.

TB2.1 is a positive, inclusive and individual goal-focused classroom and we are proud of our achievements.

Mrs Mac